• In this page you can find some LinuxPPC precompiled binaries and some links to intresting LinuxPPC sites, the reason why I've put these binaries online is that not every linux user is an hacker and has time/wish/tools/disk space to compile himself the source packages available on the net, I'll place online other LinuxPPC binaries if I get enough E-Mail responses (I've xocr and SIAG Office installed for instance). Please don't ask me for complete installations, at the moment if not enough spare time :(. All the provided binaries are tested on my machine (they may not work correctly in glibc 2 based installations like debian 2.0):
  • A4000 604e/180mhz
  • CVPPC, RAM: 64+16+2
  • Kernel APUS 2.1.x, 2.2.0preX
  • LinuxPPC R4 Installation (RedHat, glibc1.99)

    Important: Probably to get the files you'll need to click the left mouse button keeping down also the shift key, this because they are compressed with bzip2 and some servers aren't able to understand that they are binaries, here you can find bzip2:

  • AmigaOS PPC version (lzx)
  • LinuxPPC version (rpm)

    Available binaries

    Useful links