Eat The Whistle PPC is available!

Eat The Whistle is a new revolutionary soccer game developed by Hurricane Studios with a lot of features never seen in other Amiga soccer games. It's the first soccer game that works in multitasking and supports all the most advanced hardware available for Amiga. It works happily with quicker processors, with graphic boards and also with audio boards. It's compatible with CyberGraphX, Picasso96, and AHI for sound card support (AHI driver is available from the 1.2 version). It runs without problem also in a resizable Workbench window (also on AGA).

From 2.0 ETW is available in three versions classic, chunky and PowerPC. The first two versions are for 68k processors, the second one uses the CPU to do the blitting and is faster than the classic version with fast 68k processor (040/40 or 060), the PowerPC version (that use the Phase6 PowerUP software) is faster than the classic version in 320x256 also if you play in 640x400!

If you have problems to download these files you can find most of these files in any Aminet mirror!

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