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After a few weeks of work the PowerPC version of Eat The Whistle has reached the final beta stage. It will be distributed as FREE upgrade for the owner of the 68k version. The new version replace the use of Amigalike graphics calls with a new chunky engine. The internal game routines have been totally rewritten to works at 50fps instead of the 25fps of the original version, so CPU driven teams and goalkeepers are smarter than before and ball and player movement are smoother than ever. The powerpc version of Eat The Whistle uses the Phase5 PowerUp system software and has been developed with SAS/C PPC. It requires AHI for audio output and needs more memory than the original version, anyway 8mb should be more than enough.

A new 68k version will be available too, this version will use the new chunky engine and so will be quicker than the original one only with 040/060 processors. The new chunky version of ETW includes also some new features and improvements. You can for instance resize in realtime the game window (on the Workbench screen) and the game will be scaled in real time (new option scaling), you can play ETW in triple buffering or with the fast cybergraphics direct routines if you own a gfx board...

First benchmark on a 604e/180mhz shows the following results:

ETW-PPC benchmarks

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